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Artificial Grass  - Saint Paul, MN

Everyone Can Use a Little Turf In Their Lives. 

Do it Yourself or We can do it for you

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Solutions For The Following

Muddy Lawns / Muddy Playgrounds / Muddy Pets / Muddy Child Care / Muddy Sports Field 

Balcony / Patio / Terrace

Reasons Why to Consider Earth Friendly Everlasting Turf


   Some one has been digging again     Reasons to Consider Turf                

My Dogs & Children Destroy The Lawn / Play Ground Traffic / Shad Trees / Can Not Grow Grass

Where I Live The City Does Not Allow Us to Grow Grass Because of Water Restrictions

 Can Not Afford to Water my Lawn  /  I Refuse to use Chemicals for my Lawn

Lawn Equipment Expenses / Emissions from lawn mower is bad for the Environment

Grass Clippings are Bad for the Environment

My yard has a Dangerous Slope / Need more Room in my Garage / I am getting to old to mow my lawn

I want to improve my Golf Skills / Soccer Skills / Baseball / Football & Tennis Skills

Flooring : Basement Indoor Golf / Soccer / Man Cave / Garage / Sports Theme Room / Exercise Room

Entry Mats / Automotive Floor Mats / Truck Bed Liner / Shower Mat

Dog Kennel / Dog Care / Play Ground / Child Care / Trade Shows

Indoor K-9 Pet Potty Patch

Balcony / Terrace / Patio / Deck / Roof Top / Cabin / RV / Boat / Town Home / Apartment / Manufactured Home

Hot Tub / Pool Side

Arts & Crafts

Save our Planet Earth Water Resources