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  Wow !!! There Are Many Ways to Use Everlasting Turfs From

Alternative Landscaping

Flooring for Basements and Man Caves

Sports Theme Rooms, Indoor Putting Greens



         Other Uses    

         Basements / Indoor Putting Greens / Man Caves / Sports Theme Rooms Football / Baseball / Soccer

Indoor and Outdoor Mats Entry Mats / Shower Mat / Garage Floor

Auto Trunk Mats / SUV Hatch Area Mats / Truck Bed Liner / Auto Floor Mats

Kennel Cage Mats / Commercial Business Entry Mats

Bumper Turf / Rusty Car Turf Patch

Flooring / Basement / Kitchen / Laundry Room / Front Porch

Window Seal

K 9 Potty Patch

There are so many uses for turf. Its Great for Basements. First of all many basements are prawn to moisture and there are many frustrations when it comes to basements. Now Everlasting Turfs from Alternative landscaping can be a Great Solution for your Basement Problems.One if you have carpet, it can start to smell and retain moisture and start to grow mold. Synthetic and made of plastic. Its Safe and Lead free. So it is perfect for basements. If by chance, you have water in the basement, the synthetic turf will not have to be replaced. A wet Vac and dehumidifier will dry up the turf and your good to go. So Go ahead build your Dream Man Cave. Add a Putting Green. Football Field with Striping. Soccer Practice Area. Let your imagination flow with endless possibilities.

Man Cave Basement Turf Application

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