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Everyone Can Use a Little Turf In Their Lives. 

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  Dog Kennels / Build Your Own 

Great News !!!

No More Abrasive Hard to install Rock Foundations that involves tons of rock and labor

Now There is a Easy Snap together panel system

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No More Muddy Paws

Now its Easier Than Ever before to Install Your Very Own

K9-Turf with Snap together panels

So easy even children can install

Everlasting K9 Turf from Alternative Landscaping Is a Great Solution for Dog Kennels and Home Owners. The Turf Looks Like, Feels Like Real Grass. It is Safe, Clean, and comfortable. Urine, rain and snow drains better than natural grass. The Foundation Turf Panels snap together easy enough for even eight graders to install. They are strong enough for a fire engine truck to drive on. K9-Turf along with the easy to install turf panels allows everything to drain better. It's a Great Solution for home owners and commercial use such as dog kennels, doggy day care etc.

Pets and pet owners love the panel foundation. They are engineered with polymers that are not affected by pet waste. They are perfect solution for indoor or outdoor kennels, dog runs or pet park areas. Simply hose down the synthetic turf and urine will easily flow through the panels and drain either into the earth below or to an awaiting drain system. Our lock tight turf barbs allow for even the most rambunctious dogs to play safely without turf movement.



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