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Turn Your Balcony / Terrace / Patio into a Beautiful Lawn

Now You Can, With Balcony Turf from Alternative Landscaping

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                            Do you have a Balcony,Terrace, Patio or Deck ?

Most residents who live in apartments, town homes and or a urban sky rise building do a wonderful job creating their own little private area to relax just outside those sliding doors. They have their outdoor furniture, plants and flowers etc. The only thing missing that would complete their cozy little balcony is some Everlasting Balcony Turf From Alternative Landscaping. The Balcony Turf will be the finishing touch. It will soften up the look of your little landscape paradise. It Feels Like, Looks Like Real Grass. Your Best Friend {Pet / Dog} will Thank You. Now he or she can do their thing just outside those sliding doors. You will love it in the winter, when you no longer need to walk several levels down to the outside  freezing cold. Properly installed, rain, snow and pet urine will drain out the front of the balcony. Also if you move, its easy to uninstall and take with you. So go ahead and finish what you already started. You have everything but the lawn !!!

Click Here to See Balcony Turf You tube Video 

                                                  Before                                                                                                   After

Click here our on the Picture Below to See a You tube Video on How the Turf Drains

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