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 Installing turf in the past has been very difficult to install and very abrasive and high labor cost

Now with new technology its much easier. So easy even eight graders can install

Are you Frustrated with your Lawn, We have the Solution.

My Name is Jerry Coleman Your Turf Guru, Founder of Alternative Landscaping. I started out in the turf business in 1998. I enjoy playing golf and wanted to put a putting green in my own back yard. Since then I have done many turf installations and have learned from a few mistakes. So the good news is, you can start out and do it yourself without making the same mistakes I made. I have used the turf for many situations and applications. So enjoy and discover the many ways to use turf. We encourage you to do it yourself, save money, achieve pure satisfaction of building your very own turf project. We offer consulting services if you need our expertise along the way.